Hallo und herzlich willkommen in unserem Familienarchiv.

Mein Vater, Walter Ferdinand Stirnberg, hat sich von 1948 bis 2015 neben vielen anderen Projekten mit der Genealogie (Familienforschung) beschäftigt. Dazu gehören die Familien von Schledorn (mütterlicherseits) und Stirnberg (väterlicherseits).

Seine Forschungsergebnisse die viele tausend Seiten umfassen und Dutzende von Veröffentlichungen, sind an das Staatsarchiv in Arnsberg gegangen. Ich habe es hier nun übernommen, einen Teil seiner Forschung der interessierten Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Welcome to the archive of the Stirnberg family.

You may find here the research treasure of the families of Stirnberg and von Schledorn which was done by my father during 1948 till 2015. The family letters are printed in German so you must be able to read German to understand the facts. Eventually there may be an English translation in the common years but I doubt that I have spare time for doing this – sorry.

And now for something completely different: As of now, the German and European law is difficult to handle as long as data of living persons or people, who died less then 120 years from now, are affected. So to get unrestricted access to the documents or database, you have to be a member of our family or you must be a confirmed genealogist. To proof this, please contact me by using the contact form or eMail.

Nevertheless, restricted access to the database can be given for guests. You then will have no access to data of persons which died less then 120 years from now.